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Post  Skinlight88 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:33 pm

Brief Summary

As the staff, we want this place to be a fun, relaxed, Line Rider based forum, for people to share their creations, compete in contests, contribute to the forum, and enjoy themselves. These rules show what we will not tolerate, and we strongly recommend you read through them.

- No Multiple Accounts
- No Flaming
- No Spam
- No Piracy
- No Porn
- No Advertising
- No Plaigarism/Impersonation

These rules cover most situations, but due to the fact they cannot handle everything, the staff may take action toward anything that disrupts this forum’s well-being.

1. No Multiple Accounts

Do not create more than one account. If you want to change your name you will have to ask for permission to do so. If you have forgotten your user name or password then use the "Forgot my password" choice at sign in.

Be aware that moderators can check your IP address and can tell when two accounts are on the same computer. If you want two accounts on the same computer (e.g. family members) please alert the staff. We also ask that accounts on the same computer do not vote for each other in polls or "rep" each other. Do not attempt to "trick" the staff into thinking one of your duplicate accounts in your family member.

2. No Flaming

Do not post any messages that insult or cause any insult to another member or guest.

Flaming also includes:

- Trolling - do not post anything with the sole purpose of starting a dispute.

- Swearing - do not bypass any of the filters in any way or post excessive swear words.

- Provoking religious, racial, or political discussion or comments - we ask you to steer clear of potentially offensive remarks about race, politics or religion, this can get very messy very fast.

- Spam/flame attacking other sites - flaming is flaming, no matter where you are, and is still punishable on other similar sites. Plus, it makes this site look bad.

All flaming rules apply in the shoutbox, in any personal message, and in signatures, avatars, or profiles.

3. No spam

Spam includes:

- Posting excessive smileys, images, or space between typing that may cause others to have trouble reading the thread. This also applies in the shoutbox, if done excessively.

- Double posting (posting twice in a row). Use the “edit” button to edit your last post instead of posting again, unless you have a good reason to "bump" the thread to the top of the section (e.g. to call attention to an update) This also includes duplicate threads - they will be merged. Spam also includes posting excessively in a single thread.

- Posting anything that does not contribute or is irrelevant to the topic and/or discussion. If you have something new to say, start a new thread. Also note that this applies to threads as well: any threads that do not contribute to IRtL in any way are considered spam.

As a rule of thumb, do not post solely to increase your post count.

Spam also includes:

- Bumping - Threads are usually sorted with the ones with the last posts at the top, so please do not post in your thread with the sole intent of bringing it to the top of the forum page again. (“bumping”). This also includes posting in others' old threads and thus bringing them to the top. See the end of the rules for more information.

- Large signatures - Do not have a signature that is obnoxiously large, 300 pixels high by 600 pixels wide is a good guideline for the maximum size.

4. No Piracy

No posts or links to illegal hacks or any questionable material. This applies in the shoutbox and in signatures, avatars, and profiles as well.

- Hacked Line Rider versions are considered any version of Line Rider other than Beta 1, Beta 2, Line Rider Mobile, Line Rider: Unbound for DS, Line Rider: Unbound for PC, or Line Rider: Unbound for Wii. However, this rule can be stretched for different home-made modifications that do not change the physics in any way.

5. No Porn

No offensive, obscene, or vulgar posts, links or images, ANYWHERE on this site. It is up to the staff to decide what is offensive, so be careful. Porn is not limited to pornography, suggestive material may also be considered porn. Blatant porn may result in an immediate permanent ban. As a guideline, keep everything G to PG rated.

Shock Sites are also not acceptable on the forum. Any website or download that contains either loud noises, scary faces popping up on the screen, (animated or not) or other offensive images, such as porn, (********, *******, etc.) are shock sites. They are not permitted in any part of the forum. Also, avoid posting heavy flashing images, they could be harmful to epileptic members. If you're going to post one, put a warning above it, and put them in a spoiler.

6. No Advertising

Do not post any messages with the sole intent of promotion or advertising of any website or business.

You may put a simple link to a site you own in your signature as long as:
- it is only a link, and not a "Click here" or "Join My Site".
- it is not a request for people to join your site (i.e. a blatant attempt to leech)
- it is not a link “tricking” someone into action
- it is not a paypal link or a link to giving someone money
- it is not posted excessively multiple times or in an obnoxious font (e.g. multiple colors, extra large)
- it is not in violation of any of the other forum rules.

This is a privilege, an opportunity for you to offer interested members to find out more about you. If you have contributed, and made a positive name for yourself, people will seek out more information on their own. This is not, however, an opportunity for you to use IRtL as an advertising hub for promoting your own personal ego trip.

Advertising also includes trading rep ("I'll rep you if you rep me") and asking for or encouraging someone to give you rep in any way.

7. No Plaigarism/Impersonation

Please do not post content that has already been created by others claiming it as your own. If you do not know who was the original creator of something, say the author is “unknown.”
Also, do not impersonate another user to confuse other users into thinking you are someone you are not, in any way.

Now that you read the rules, you may now use the forums correctly and use behavior correctly Razz.

-SkinLight88 (Admin) lol!

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